Why I Can Help You

√ Experience

  • I have worked with celebrities, Oscar-winning directors, famous musicians, world-class pianists, aerialists, a vaudeville troupe, and nerds from Star Trek.
  • I have shot my own SAG independent film and directed experimental shorts that I made profitable.

√ Contacts

      • I can bring you into the fold of working professionals who are old enough to be established, and young enough to remember needing help.
      • I keep in touch with former interview participants, because in my world the phone call is just the introduction.

      A recent study showed that of the Film Studies graduates of 2009, only 10.5% of them would find employment in their chosen industry over the course of the next year.

      What I Offer


      1. The best websites to use for applying for jobs.
      2. Specific companies to try out that fit your field, goals, and personality. 
      3. Tips on how to live inexpensively in a rent and gas guzzling city.


      1. Social Media Integration (There are now 11 major websites for promoting yourself: Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr).  Do your friends know how you want to come across?  Would a contact remember you when that spot opens in his/her company?  Stay on the radar without staring at a computer screen all day.
      2. Making a personal website on the cheap.
      3. Tips on how to keep yourself looking professional while also developing your personality.  Who are you looking to reach?  Who can you afford to ignore?  Start networking intelligently.


      1. Financial planning.  Start thinking $$ right now so you don't fall into the trap of perpetual free labor.  Use your film degree to get work that fits into your 5 year plan.
      2. Career planning.  Look for jobs intelligently.  Most positions in Los Angeles go to a person the employer already knows.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Develop a proactive routine without stressing yourself out.
      3. Tips on how to care of yourself.  People can't survive in Los Angeles without learning to deal with the avalanche of negativity and loneliness.  Limit your stress and make time for fun or you'll go crazy.


      1. Mentors.  I'll bring you into my network of friends, many of whom work with the top companies in Hollywood.  Come meet artists at our parties or join us on shoots.
      2. Me.  That's right, I'll stay in touch.  The way Los Angeles works is that more people sticking together equals greater success for all of us.  Drop me an e-mail whenever and let me know how you're doing, ask me a question, or just write something silly and I'll respond!