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Creative Awareness: Collaboration

  • The Lemon Lodge Los Angeles, CA, 90006 USA (map)

The importance of creativity is that it is a wonderful counterweight to analysis.  Analysis is an amazing tool of all humans, including and especially artists.  Cold, courageous examination of the truth is a trying but rewarding characteristic of analysis.  If anybody were to disparage the very real contribution the left side of our brain plays in solving problems and creating art, they would be missing the whole point of the yin yang that creativity is meant to facilitate.

But creativity is a phenomenon best understood as antagonistic to cold analysis - rather it is about trusting something larger than yourself.  It is about placing your faith in the great beyond, the sense that by cultivating your acceptance of that which is unknown, you will reveal a path before you that is more true and more complex than you could have hoped to expect.  Creativity is about seeking the pathways in your brain that are as yet unexplored, and hitting them at an angle... As though you are tricking yourself into finding it.

One great way to explore your own creativity is to practice in a group or on a team.  When you sing or dance or make music or paint or do an improv session, it becomes apparent how far creative instincts can take you, and how deeply it can connect you to others.  You'll find great joy in exploring this process not just with friends, but also with your family and significant other.

Last Saturday a group of artists sat in my living room to talk about career goals and left with a deeper understanding of how to facilitate creative opportunities and minimize the impact of obstacles.  This week I want to talk about collaboration.  How do you work in a group?  Are you the leader, a follower, or some of both?  Do you get into arguments with others about what is right or wrong, artistically?  What does your general rapport with others tell you about your own goals?

Well be meeting again this Saturday, June 15th, at noon for two hours at the Lemon Lodge.  Come share your thoughts with us and develop your own awareness about your art.