Come with me on a journey to an understanding of creativity, art, yourself, and the world.  I have been working in Los Angeles for over five years, and for the past year have been able to support myself directing.  Now I want to share my story with you.  

My short film "French Horn" has been making the rounds at festivals, while the classical piano duo Anderson & Roe brought me onboard to shoot a portion of their epic 10-part Rite of Spring music video.  Currently I am working on a music video for Gothic Tropic and developing a personal YouTube channel around my Objects of Desire series.

An image can convey that the world is larger than what we see.  A story can show how all of our journeys have begun intertwining and overlapping in mysterious ways, a clash of perspectives never before seen.  We are heir to the impact of history, but we are creators of our own fate.  I seek to convey an optimistic view of life through a visceral immersion in the subtler pleasures of the world.  I direct, photograph, light, shoot, edit, and also enjoy making visual effects for my work.  This autonomy is both liberating and demanding, which is why I have begun speaking with other artists about the importance of self-discipline and calm.

Creative Awareness

I like to share my creative efforts with others.  I host group meetings to raise creative awareness through my Zen Artists and Brainiacs of West Adams meetup group.  We sit, we chat, we try to stop the dogs from barking, good times.   


Sometimes we do creative adventures, like covering an entire cemetery in cloth through the powers of collage! 



My background is eclectic. I have worked behind the scenes on features ranging from Gus Van Sant’s Promised Land to Ang Lee’s upcoming Life of Pi.  I have worked every conceivable position in this industry at least once, and have learned more along the way than I ever wanted to (such as: don't film a celebrity before she gets into makeup OR learn After Effects before you try getting an editor position). I would love to introduce you to my community.  Shoot me an e-mail and share your perspective on the future with me.