Hi, I'm Darwin Carlisle, this is me on the set of my latest High Fashion film Mannequin Dreams, shot at the Beatrice in Manhattan.  I direct films with distinct focus on strong visuals and complex soundscapes that bring us beyond the world of wakefulness.  I have now started to shoot on the new Blackmagic Ursa for all videography - with a beautiful 4K sensor, 80 fps, and a built in monitor that helps everyone on set see what's going on in real time, I've fallen in love with its look.

I've worked on a variety of films, music videos, TV shows, and commercials with collaborators such as Anderson & Roe, Johnny Cannizzaro, Erica Rhodes, Lea Journo, Gothic Tropic, and more!

An image can convey that the world is larger than what we see.  A story can show how all of our journeys have begun intertwining and overlapping in mysterious ways, a clash of perspectives never before seen.  We are heir to the impact of history, but we are creators of our own fate.  I seek to convey an optimistic view of life through a visceral immersion in the subtler pleasures of the world.