This music video contains no special effects or filters aside from the basic cropping of the video into 4 vertical sections, with each quadrant time shifted -2 frames from left to right. There is no color correction, overlays, or repositioning of the quadrants, just a lot of hard cuts. For a more detailed overview, watch the Making Of at


The fourth photograph displayed here made it to the second round of voting at the Paris International Fine Arts Photography Competition.

Suspended Ballet

A combination of movement and performance as these daring beauties fly on silk in an alleyway off Abbot-Kinney in Los Angeles.


Anderson & Roe

Here is a collection of some of my favorite shots I filmed for Anderson & Roe.

French Horn

An intimate encounter with music in nature that explores the sensual side of sound.

Glass Box

A dark video about the psychic variations in desire and wonder. 



A short detective drama scene.


A short scene with Kitana Turnbull.


Radical Adventure: Cemetery

Check out my latest photo collage, which I took at the cemetery! 

Dolphin Dolphin's Head


Last year, I produced and directed my first independent feature.  Here's where you'll find stories from set, and the latest updates on the editing and distribution process!

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Johnny and Margaret on set at the old Beans 'N Things cafe.

Johnny and Margaret on set at the old Beans 'N Things cafe.